Solo Exhibitions

September - October 2010

Territorios del Nopal (Nopal Territories). Flor y Canto Association, Coyoacán, Mexico, DF

July 2009

Tziri (Corn). CRUCO, Autonomous University of Chapingo, Morelia, Michoacán.

November 2005 - January 2006

45th Anniversary, History Gallery, Museo del Caracol, INAH / CONACULTA, (National Institute of History and Anthropology/National Council for the Arts and Culture), Chapultepec, DF

September 2004

Intervals (nude photography). Barandal Gallery, Mexico, DF

September 2003

Desnudo Espiral (Spiral Nude). Technological University of Tecamac, Tecamac, State of Mexico.

July 2002

Crónicas de Luz (Chronicles of light). Images of Malinalco, Luis Mario Schneider University Museum, UAEM, Malinalco, State of Mexico. UAEM traveling exhibition.

December 1999 - January 2000

Temas en Espiral (Spiral Themes). Atecocoli Center, Malinalco, State of Mexico.

October-November 1998

A Foco (In Focus). Puerta Nueva Gallery, Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico.

September-October 1998

A Foco (In Focus). José Jayme Gallery, Instituto de Cultura Potosino (Potosino Cultural Institute), San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

September 1996

Azul Turquesa (Turquoise Blue). Nude Photography. Fotoseptiembre, Latin American Colloquium of Photography, National Conservatory of Music, CNA (National Arts Center) Mexico.

June-July 1995

Inventario (Inventory). Nude Photography, Salamandra. Mexico, D.F.

May-June 1994

Cuerpos traslúcidos (Translucent Bodies). Nude Photography, La Cava del Valle, Tepoztlán, Morelos.

September 1993

Cadencias (Cadences). Nude Photography, Café de Nadie, Fotoseptiembre, Mexico, DF

December 1992

Estructuras (Structures).Nude Photography, Galería del Autor, Mexico City

February-June 1991

Silversmiths of Taxco. Production Grant from the State Government of Guerrero, for the Fourth Alarconianas Symposium, Ex-hacienda Chorrillo and Municipality Building, Taxco, Guerrero.

August 1990

En el circo (At the Circus). École Nationale de Cirque, Montreal, Canada.

May 1990

Retratos y bambalinas (Behind the scenes & Portraits). Sociedad General de Escritores de México (Mexican Writer’s Society), México, D.F.

July-September 1988

Rollo escénico (Scenic role). Centro Cultural Casa de las Brujas, Mexico, DF

February-March 1988

Rollo escénico (Scenic role). Teatro de la Paz, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

October 1987

Rollo escénico (Scenic role). Casa de la Cultura de Malinalco, State of México.

September 1987

Rollo escénico (Scenic role). UNAM (Autonomous University of Mexico), Casa del Lago, Mexico DF

Solo exhibitions