Works in Museums and Institutions


History Gallery, Museo del Caracol, 45th Anniversary. Digitalization, retouching and formatting of historical photographs as well as photographing current images. (National Council for the Arts and Culture / National Institute of History and Anthropology), CONACULTA / INAH, Chapultepec, Mexico.


Luis Mario Schneider Museum. Panoramic and macroscopic images of Malinalco.  Itinerant photographic collection of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Toluca.


Luis Mario Schneider Museum. 

Permanent exhibition of 35 photographs of the mural in the 16th Century Augustinian Monastery in Malinalco and the Jalmolonga Hacienda, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Malinalco, State of Mexico.

Museo de Culturas Populares (Popular Cultures Museum)

Seven photographs of artisan weavers from the Sierra Norte de Puebla (Northern Mountain Ranges of Puebla) and women who weave twig in Santa Catarina del Monte, Coyoacán, Mexico.


Instituto de Cultura Potosino (Potosino Cultural Institute)

Two photographs, one of a detail of the Church of Carmen in San Luis Potosi, and another in the contemporary art collection that is part of an exhibition titled A foco, San Luis Potosi.


Museo de Culturas Populares (Popular Cultures Museum)

Eight photographs of silversmiths from Taxco, Graphic Collection, Coyoacán, Mexico.


Government of the State of Guerrero and the Jornadas Alarconianas (Convention)

34 photographs of silversmiths’ from Taxco, a traveling exhibition, Guerrero.

Work in museums and institutions