The body as a reflection of reality, an artistic and existential metaphor.

The body as passage through the phases of childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. Its extremes in thinness or fatness.

The body as the individual’s support, and as the open boundary of their relationship with the world. 

The body that bestows vulnerability to the being, stated in other words: the temporary and fragile identity, the unprotected exposure.

The body as volume, its spatial dimension.

The body as symbolic perception.

When bodies show themselves to me, they produce different forms of amalgamations, connections that make objects vibrate. While reassembling them, I seek equilibrium with matter, play with the uncertainty of life and death, and renew that which is inert by adding human figures.

To reinterpret or strengthen the initial proposal of the nude through multiple exposure, overexposure, segment printing, burin engraving etc. It is a style and a way to recognize my work.

I have an extensive archive of houses, buildings and textures that I have photographed on my walks in the suburbs of Santa Maria, Roma, Escandón, Condesa and Mexico City’s Downtown area. The original formats of the first and second period of my work are 11 x 14 inches, the analog takes I transfer to fiber paper, and digital ones to cotton paper and canvas.

My artistic development is built over time; I change the techniques but reaffirm my aesthetic position.

Nostalgia. I return to old proposals where bodies seem more at ease, I think of Neolithic goddesses, evocative of fertility and abundance, in Renoir’s bathers and Modigliani's nudes, which are musical divertimento. I delve in the mystical, which has to do with the universe as well as with erotic contemplation.

Among my influences, the anthropocentric view of Latin Americans and the inevitable correspondence between cosmos and human body is also present, through this I affirm my way of perceiving the world.

I am interested in nudes that breathe and beat, real beings, not stereotypes or mannequins. I seek corporal stories with their own breadth, human figures exposed to time, to light and shadows, matured in oxide and incorporated into the walls, metamorphosed with the fruit or as primary and geometric structures.

For many years I felt that only the nudes conveyed my essence as an author, my artistic search and my daily life experiences. I now know that I capture my way of perceiving with each camera shot.

The body is an original and primeval subject, to photograph nudes is to observe and enter the intimate domain. With the people I have photographed in the nude, I look for the moments where they expand themselves, expressing their way of making contact with the earth, for a way in which their inner center and mine connect.

By being behind the camera I am in the place I feel more comfortable, and with the medium that allows me to express my thoughts and emotions.

To feel the absence, to change the angle of view and to pause, is for me a way to reassess and recreate reality.

Like the trunk, the branches are hands

the top is hair, the bark is skin

the wood is flesh

Latin Vatican Codex

(1) Quoted by Alfredo López Austin, Cuerpo humano e ideología (Human Body and Ideology), UNAM, Mexico, 1989.

The nude principles