Irma Villalobos, San Luis Potosí, Mexico,1956

At almost 30 years from my early photographic practices, I have solo and collective exhibitions, work on permanent display in museums, as well as heritage and graphic collections in books, journals, magazines and newspapers. I have been active in teaching and have collaborated on various occasions with the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Chapingo and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.


My being a photographer has been a vital decision, I always preferred watching and observing rather than talking, even when I started in this craft at age 25, after completing a degree in Sociology.
In 1991 I began to work with the nude. It has been one of my main themes, my proposal as an author, as well as the most recurring and vast. In my work with nude photography, I have poured my feelings, involving my existential and aesthetic affinities, artistic experimentation and research.
Other elements and interests have joined the nude: the evocation of a time gone by over architectural elements and urban landscapes, as well as certain Mexican crops and rural landscapes, particularly the Nopaleras (nopal crops).  Through this work I have learned to join together images and complement my photographs with the graphic proposal of painters, and I achieve this by interposing my portraits, reproducing modern and old works, and through the production of various documentary essays.